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Actonians Cricket Club event

Event Details
  • Event Name
    Lords - Thursday 14th March at 8pm

  • Event Date
    14 March 2019

  • Start time

  • End time

  • Venue
    Actonians Cricket Ground

  • Description


    Can you all please confirm that you can attend the indoor net session at Lords starting at 8pm. If you cannot attend then please let me know or click on the option to decline the event. This way I will know who is attending and who can no longer make it.

    You have all received the invite based on the availability you provided to me.

    If you click on the email stating you can attend and then do not turn up you will still be charged £8. Unless you inform me before the date of the net session.

    Please don't forget to bring your £8 (correct money would help). Please note that full  WHITES must be worn.

    Can I also remind everyone to be on time and ready to start at 8pm. This means waiting at the nets ready to go. If you are not there on time then this may impact the amount of time you get to have a bat.

    Any problems then please let me know.



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