Actonians Cricket Club

Actonians Cricket Club 2nd XI squad

A Drinking Team with a Cricket Problem

2018- 3rd Middx Championship Division 1

2017- 5th Middx Championship Division 1

2016- 5th= Middx Championship Division 1

2015- 3rd Middx Championship Division 1

2014- 6th Middx Championship Division 1

2013- 9th Middx Championship Division 1

2012- 7th Middx Championship Division 1

2011- 6th Middx Championship Division 1

2010- Relegated from MCCL Division 3

2nd XI

Captain : Richard Parker


Vice Captain : Richard Thompson

Idris Dewan
Pramod's brother
Shabeel Dhami
Re-joined in 2014. Ex colt.
Chris Falconer
If it's in the's along the ground for me.
Dave Gorvin
2014. Hayling Island CC
Shahzad Hussain
The Man Mountain!
Sandip Patel

Old A’s human bowling machine

Once bowled 30 overs on the bounce in the days of Clive Hillman

Former 2
nd captain. Now just happy to play where picked

Right hand bat- always looking for a promotion up the order

Tushar Pathak
Joined in 2014
Clifford Pile
Bowls a cunning off break that doesn’t turn and knows which end of the bat to hold when required, who has been know to hit it off the square once or twice in his career. He has captained the club in two different spells since joining the club in 1997 from local rivals Brentham. Is found by the bar every evening after the game mainly talking to the opposition because everyone else at the club has heard his stories. A qualified cricket coach who helps with the colts on Sunday mornings. A founding and fully paid up member of the Grumpy Old Men squad.
Matt Robinson
Rugby, racing and beer (and cricket!!)

Arjuna Upasena
Sri Lankan born Australian. Love me cricket and Sport in general Free spirit and always good for a few beers and a laugh Play tough, play hard, be fair and win or lose we Booze!
Bring back the old fashioned sledge and a bit of biff to league cricket me say! cricket being too PC is boring mon... bring back the pot bellied sloggers and pacies with mullets...yeah mon!
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