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In these difficult times we thought some of younger players would like to take part in a “Stay at home cricket challenge”

Lydia Greenway, former England cricketer, a regular visitor to Actonians with her cricket evenings with the ladies has come out with a weekly series of cricket challenges aimed at keeping girls involved in cricket; however the challenges are certainly something that the boys could be doing as well.

Please find the link below – it goes into Lydia’s Cricket for Girls Twitter account

Week 1

Remember if you fancy testing yourself further try next with one handed catches starting off with your stronger hand and then progressing to your weaker hand.

Challenge No. 2

Balance Catches

Hi everyone Number 2 in our “Stay at home cricket challenge”. Please see a link to a tweet from Shak, one of Middlesex Cricket’s Participation Officers. Probably best to try this one outdoors in the back garden – that way you only annoy the neighbours and not end up either painting the walls or breaking a family heirloom!!

See how many you can catch in 30 seconds!!


Challenge No. 3

Some batting practice 

Please see below a link to a tweet from Mikey Thompson, one of Middlesex Cricket’s Participation Officers – who is well known to us as he coaches the senior ladies.

Firstly put a tennis ball in a sock; tie the sock onto a piece of string; tie the string to something above your head; Hit the ball as it swings back towards you. REMEMBER: to hit the ball as late as you can. Probably best to try this one outdoors in the back garden. How many times can you hit the ball before missing?

TIP – don’t try and hit the ball too hard – work on the technique of hitting the ball late!!!


Challenge No. 4

How accurate is your throwing?!

What you need: - A wall - A tennis ball - 4 pieces of A4 paper - Blue tac or tape

Lydia has come up with another session for everyone – How accurate is your throwing?

Firstly, make sure you’re not too close to any windows or breakable objects….remember Lydia did play for England and was one the best fielders in the ladies game…..

If you don’t have a ‘safe wall’ to use you could use an object like a piece of garden furniture as a target….just make sure you’re not using something that could be damaged by throwing a ball against.

Coaching tips - align your feet to the target; sideways on - align the hips and the shoulder; hand on top on ball when you pull the throwing arm back; make sure your throwing arm elbow is at least level if not higher than your shoulder; use the front arm to point towards the target - transfer the weight through your body when you make the throw pulling your throwing side hip through and your follow through.

Challenge No. 5

Brilliant Bowler Session

Our friends at Chance to Shine have come up with a video to help with your bowling.

Please make a note of the ‘Keys to Success’ for both activities.

Hopefully the London Borough of Ealing wheelie bins will come in useful!!!

Have fun.