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Actonians Cricket Club - Wet Weather Policy

Wet Weather Policy

Nobody likes rain in the cricket season, but it’s a reality that one or two Sundays and/or matches will be affected by the weather. Actonians Cricket Club encourages coaches, managers, players and parents to ‘get the game on’ however, when it is wet or has been raining the focus is on player safety. As much as we all want to get out on the field, player safety in paramount.

Sunday morning training

The Age Group Leads and Coaches are the judges of whether conditions are fit to train. When it is raining or has rained heavily overnight we will get down the club as soon as possible on Sunday morning and will update parents through the website and through Age Group Leads WhatsApp groups as to the situation.


We will give as much time as possible to get the game on. When we are away we are at the mercy of the opposition as to the status of the game. When we are hosting the game we must also be mindful of the opposition travelling.  All Age Group Leads/Match Managers will be in contact with their opposite numbers on the day and will update everyone as soon as they can – assume the game is on unless you hear otherwise. In call cases player safety is our priority and we will use Age Group Leads WhatsApp groups to let everyone know what the situation is.

All Stars

8 sessions are planned and rest assured 8 sessions will be delivered, if a session is cancelled due to weather then it will just roll over to the next week's session.