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Actonians Cricket Club - Old Actonians Look-a-likes


 Old Actonians Cricket Club

   If you have any more look-a-likes please send them in.

               Clint Dempsey                          Givon Christian
                                                              (thanks Bilal Hussain)

                 Ali Slaughter                             Jonty Rhodes

        Neil Dexter (Middlesex)                 Cameron French

                Alex Browne                                  Jude Law

       Apu from The Simpsons                            Josh

                   Aaron Swan                          Obi-Wan Kenobi

                 James Munro                               
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

         Jinesh Patel           Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar)

Matt 'Robbo' Robinson Boris Johnson        THE BIG SAUCE

                               Maz                                                            Cilla Black

                       Vanessa Feltz                                                     Debs

                           Reshma                                                 The Little Mermaid

                 Judy (Andy Murray's mum)                            Cath (Patrick's mum)

                                   Kathy                                                       Paula Radcliffe

                   Looney Tunes' Road Runner                                     Esme

                             Jessica Ennis                                                      Gina

                          Colts Coach Tamlyn                                         Chris Evert

                         Diane Abbott MP                                                 Carlene

                                 Olly West                                                    Ben Affleck


                 Jamie Mackie     Trent Conwell



                       Joaquin Phoenix                       Tommy Byrne


                              Ash Gray                                       Jesse Ryder


             Marcus Maben                                       Barrack Obama

                                   [contributed by Dave Squires]

 Adam Pearson after being dismissed          Ricky Ponting after being run out by
 first ball in the final of the super 8s                Gary Pratt in the 2005 Ashes

                Crazy Frog                                            Clifford Pile

                   Craig Nel                                         Andre Vos

                  Elijah Wood                                      Scott Ensom


              Green Button                                        James Essex's wagon wheel 04/06/10

               Yuvraj Singh                                              Ahmed Zaheer

               Nathan Gee                                              Buzz Lightyear

                Morpheus                                                  Malik

             neil mahoney                                                wolverine

          James Carr                                    Alan from "The Hangover"

  Steve Smith (Smithonator 2.0)      Nathan Mehaffy (Smithonator 1.0)

         a young tom gilmour                     a young paul maddock


Brad Kuypers                                                                    Mouse from the three witches


           Antony Carlos                                                     Jason Gillespie

             Jack Black                                                          Andy West


          Sandip Patel                                                                        Samit Patel


             Shrek                                                                Steve Smith


Vithushan Ehantharajah                                                    Serena Williams


Patrick Walker                                                    Marilyn Manson (Mug shot after being 
                                                                                arrested for sexual assault)


Clifford Pile                                                                Yoda


Chef from South Park                                        Chef from Ealing (Justin Peters)


        Jiff (muppet with a cricket bat)                     Gonzo from the Muppets


Daljeet Singh                                         Harbhajan Singh


Uncle Fester                                                                Malik