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    Cricket Club Race Night!!

  • Event Date
    27 July 2019

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    Actonians Cricket Ground

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    Hi all,

    Our Mens 2nd XI will be holding our annual race night in the clubhouse on Saturday the 27th July - 1st race at 8.30pm.


    For those who don't know what a race night is, unfortunately we wont be bringing actual horses and jockeys down to Old As but watching 5-6 races on the big screen of obscure races from the UK over the past 40 years. You can bet on the winners of these races with all losing bets going to the Cricket Club, and winning bets of course into your back pocket! Essentially we seek to recreate the fun of a day at the races without the chance of standing in horse crap!

    Tickets are £10 each and include food during the evening.

    If you cant make it why not purchase a horse for £5 - cash and other prizes to the winning owner. 

    I am looking for people/companies to "sponsor" a race - bottles of wine, gift vouchers etc....please let me know.

    Please see Clifford Pile, Richard Parker, or captains for tickets.

    Hopefully we will see as many people (including Colts parents, players friends and neighbours) as possible supporting the club!!

    I would be grateful if you could indicate if you can attend below.


    Matt Robinson (07447919794)

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