Actonians Cricket Club

Actonians Cricket Club - COVID-19 Plan


This document provides measures that should be taken by all players, clubs and officials, during and after all cricket activity at Actonians.

This document should be read in conjunction with the latest UK government COVID-19 guidance, with the updated ECB Return to Cricket Plan – Stage 4 and the Actonians Nets and Training Terms and Conditions guidance.

Actonians Cricket Club has undertaken a risk assessment and risk mitigation measures have been put in place these will be monitored on a regular basis.

UK government social distancing guidance of 2 metres (or 1 metre + where this not possible) should be adhered to at all times.

Before arriving at Actonians CC

  • Check for symptoms of COVID-19. If you are symptomatic and/or living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection you should remain at home and follow UK Government guidance.
  • Follow UK Government guidance on shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19 if it applies to you.
  • Personal hygiene measures should be carried out at home before and after cricket activity.
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser where possible and practice strict hand hygiene at all times.
  • Follow UK Government guidance on public transport or car sharing.
  • For advice on reducing the risk of infection when outside your home please visit the ‘Staying Safe Outside Your Home’ pages on
  • Opposition teams are required to send us their team sheet with contact details of each player, official and responsible adult – this is to support NHS Track and Trace (details will be only kept for 21 days by our Welfare Officer).
  • Food and refreshments will not be available – please ensure that all players, officials and responsible adults bring their own food and drink with them and that it should not be shared.
  • No delivery of food will be allowed as we cannot ensure its sanitisation


Arrival at Actonians CC

  • Arrival should be no earlier than 30 minutes before scheduled start of play
  • The designated COVID-19 official for that match will be at the main gates (Gunnersbury Drive) and will make themselves known to you on arrival.
  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival.
  • There is no access to the changing rooms - each team will be allocated a cordoned off area – situated at ground level to the right of the scorebox (see Picture 1)
  • Players should arrive changed and ready to play. 
  • Umpires will be situated under the scorebox; scorers will be situated on the changing room balcony and must maintain social distancing at all times (see Picture 2)
  • Access to the main clubhouse is strictly limited to the use of toilet facilities.
  • Car parking in the grounds is not available – off street parking in Gunnersbury Drive and Baronsmede is available (please note that there is controlled parking in the area up to 5pm mid-week only).
  • Please arrive at a suitable time before the match and maintain social distancing at all times during any warm up and pre-match preparation.


During the match/activity

ECB guidelines for cricket activity must be followed at all times, this includes but is not limited to:-

  • Players to remain socially distanced at all times (wicket keepers & slip fielders at 1m+).
  • A ‘hygiene break’ will take place every six overs or every 20 minutes and will include hand-sanitisation and the cleaning of the ball.
  • Hand sanitiser to be used at all breaks in activity and prior to any food or drinks.
  • No sweat or saliva is to be applied to the ball at any time.
  • Umpires are not to handle the ball at any point of the game, leaving it at the stumps during breaks.
  • Batters to clean their bat when leaving the field of play
  • Bowlers should not hand anything to the umpire
  • Social distancing must always be maintained including during celebrations and breaks.
  • The ball must be immediately returned to the bowler, not passed between players
  • Batters are to run in distinct running lines to ensure they are not within 2m of the bowler or other batter. Lanes are marked on the square.
  • Limit the sharing of equipment, but if you do share, practise strict hand hygiene.
  • Given the restrictions in use of facilities and limited outdoor cover in the event of rain then the game may need to be curtailed – we will try to play through – however player safety will be in the forefront of our minds. Please bring the appropriate clothing should the weather look doubtful.


After the match/activity

The designated COVID-19 official for that match/activity will be at the main gates (Gunnersbury Drive) and will ensure that the gate is open straight after the game/activity for the away teams/groups departure – it is expected that all opposition players, officials and responsible adults will leave as soon as quickly as you can at the close of play unless pre agreed with the Actonians representative. Please maintain social distancing whilst departing.

Social gathering during and after the match/activity will be in line with current UK Government guidelines on hospitality. If the bar is open please follow the rules which will be clearly displayed at the Patio Bar. This includes but is not limited to:-

  • Payment at the bar must be by debit/credit card or Members card only
  • The only access to the Pavilion will be to use the toilets. The toilets will be available on a one in, one out basis. Directions are clearly displayed. Please ensure good personal hygiene including washing hands thoroughly after using the toilets.
  • Outside there is limited seating on the patio, and no standing – please do not move the furniture. There will be a designated responsible adult/spectator area for opposition teams (see Picture 2). Please note you will not be able to shelter in the pavilion if it is raining and advise you to bring appropriate clothing when the weather is in doubt.

Actonians Cricket Club encourage all participants to report any infection of their household firstly to the NHS Test and Trace system and secondly to the cricket club following use of the facility in order to limit the spread of the virus. Any participants who have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace must not exercise outside of their own home or garden and must not exercise with others.

Whilst we are trying to keep everything as efficient and pain free as possible – ultimately we do have to adhere to the guidance we are given. Please follow the protocols, be respectful to everyone particularly the staff and we should all be responsible for each other’s wellbeing in these difficult times. Verbal abuse and anti-social behaviour, including ignoring the social distancing guidelines, will not be tolerated.

Picture 1

Red = Away team; Blue = Home Team; Yellow = Responsible adults/spectators - Opposition area

Picture 2

 White = Umpires; Pink = Scorers